United by the Language of Love!

Thousands of International Visitors Coming to Phoenix for Landmark Global Convention at Chase Field

PHOENIX — July 29, 2019 — Four-year-old Georgiana Dunjey from Casa Grande, Arizona, has been spending her days learning greetings in multiple languages – eagerly anticipating the arrival of 5,000 of her “friend’s” from 41 countries.

“Ahn nyeong ha sae yo!” she exclaims to anyone who will listen. “That means ‘hello’ in Korean,” she explains.

Why would a child – not even old enough to go to primary school – be spending her summer learning greetings in the tongue of foreigners? Her father explains: “From the moment we learned that the International Convention was coming to Phoenix, Georgiana wanted to be involved in welcoming our friends from other lands,” said Jamie Dunjey, 42. “She’s learned Korean, Hindi, Spanish and more, all in an effort to make them feel loved and welcome.”

This labor of love is all about welcoming some 5,000 international delegates from 41 countries who will be joining some 35,000 local delegates in Phoenix for the “Love Never Fails” International Convention to be held at Chase Field from August 9-11. Local Jehovah’s Witnesses have been preparing for this event for well over two years. It’s part of a global convention series happening in 22 cities around world. Young and old are eagerly looking forward to greeting these delegates – not just in English – but in the language of their guests.

The delegates have been invited from more than 41 countries including Korea, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and India just to name a few. “Even though there will be a language barrier they are united by a universal language, the language of love,” states Tim Watkins, local spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Watch ‘Joy of Conventions.’

This convention is open to the public. Admission is free and no collections are taken. For more information, please contact Timothy Watkins at 267-980-5572 or Timwatkins.jw@gmail.com.

Four-year old Georgiana Dunjey of Casa Grande has learned greetings in several languages to welcome international visitors to Phoenix

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