Chase Field Transformation

Baseball Stadium to House of Worship in One Day

PHOENIX — August 5th, 2019 — Chase Field as a baseball stadium is nothing new – it has hosted well over 1,600 of them in its 20 plus year history. But Chase Field as a house of worship? Now that is different.

That transformation will start at midnight on August 8, just hours after the Arizona Diamondbacks conclude their game against the Philadelphia Phillies. At 12:01 AM thousands of local volunteers will deep clean every part of Chase Field. At the same time hundreds of volunteers will move in and set up platforms, audio/video equipment, baptism pools, and other convention related equipment.

All of this is in preparation for the historic “Love Never Fails”! International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses held at Chase Field August 9–11. The stadium will be transformed into a place of worship to accommodate the expected attendance of nearly 40,000, including 5,000 international delegates from 41 countries. The convention will be ready for the opening program on Friday, August 8, at 9:20 AM.

To see this transformation in person, you are invited to a Media Open House at Chase Field on Thursday, August 8, at noon. Guided tours for the media will be provided following the event with access to the volunteers and work around the stadium. Photos and video content are available upon request. To schedule a visit or an interview, please contact Jason Hohl at 410-693-5086 or

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